Running to be Your Voice

Much of Michelle’s career has been spent in public service. She currently serves as Director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development in Bridgeport. Her comprehensive experience on the ground will provide a much-needed point of view in Hartford, ensuring that all of our residents get the support they need. As the Democrat who is hoping to represent Connecticut’s 28th senatorial district, Michelle will not forget who she represents - you.


NOV. 6th - Vote the Change we need. Vote Michelle.




Sometimes the sensible choice becomes clear just by looking at someone’s voting record…


From your Neighbors

From gun control to fiscal policy, voters are concerned about the direction our state is headed. More than a few have expressed their opinions through letters to local newspapers, so check out the link below to see what your neighbors are saying about Michelle.



Michelle Lapine McCabe, a Fairfield County native and Fairfield resident for the past fourteen years is determined to improve the outlook for the State she calls home. A graduate of Vassar College, BA, and the University of Texas - Austin, MA, she received degrees in Art History and Criticism from both Universities. After years of museum work, Michelle returned to Connecticut to start a family. 

In 2007, as a well-established member of the Fairfield community, her passion for local agriculture and student health led her to join a newly formed PTA Council Committee, Fuel for Learning Partnership. The following year she became Chair and in the subsequent years successfully advocated for an increase in the “from scratch” cooking and healthy options for school meals. Michelle ran the Food For Thought Expo in partnership with school administrators and dedicated school volunteers from around the district. 

Her advocacy led her to a position at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. Over a three year period at Yale, Michelle worked on policy briefs and recommendations, built a parent advocacy program, served on the Governor’s Agriculture Council, and held leadership roles with the Connecticut Food System Alliance. In 2014 she functioned both as a food policy analyst with Hartford Food System and as the Hunger Outreach Coordinator for the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport. 

In mid-2014 Michelle began working exclusively with the Council. Since then Michelle has grown and redefined the program known now as the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development, FEED. The expanded mission includes working with food pantries and community meal programs that include training in the areas of culinary workplace and food business development. It also offers the use of a shared commercial kitchen space, and management and distribution of a prepared food line made from repurposed/discarded/expired produce which is offered to the community at reduced prices. 

As the FEED Center director, Michelle oversees and nurtures the physical and financial health of many of the most vulnerable residents in the Bridgeport area. Her decision to run for State Senate ties directly to her vast experience working in policy and nonprofit programming. Michelle has demonstrated a significant ability to make systemic changes, with limited resources, to build coalitions while staying laser-focused on getting the results necessary to guarantee success. This established skill-set is exactly what Michelle will employ to lead Hartford and Connecticut towards the bright future which lays ahead for Connecticut.