Letters to the Editor

From gun control to fiscal policy, voters are concerned about the direction our state is headed. More than a few have expressed their opinions through letters to local newspapers, so check out the links below to see what your neighbors are saying about Michelle!


Newtown Bee

Dazzled By McCabe by Kim Massuch

A resident of Newtown writes about meeting Michelle and experiencing the authenticity and hope that she’s bringing to state politics.

Fairfield Citizen

Letters to the Editor by Jennifer Leeper

Look for Jennifer’s knockout letter. It makes a sophisticated argument for Michelle’s plan to preserve Connecticut’s education system- and it’s future.


Voting for McCabe on Nov. 6 by Carlisle Spivey

Carlisle writes about Michelle’s vision of the American Dream.

Fairfield Citizen

Letters to the Editor by Betsy Elrick

Look for Betsy’s sharp and witty views on our current rep in this series of letters to the editor from October 12th.

Newtown Bee

An Unrealistic Desire To Have It All by Michael Giudice

No politician can do it all, but they can aspire to an ideal. Michelle does just that according to Michael.

Fairfield Patch

Tetreau Endorses McCable for State Senate by Michael Tetreau

Fairfield First Selectman Michael Tetreau endorses Michelle and highlights her experience fixing Connecticut’s most pressing issues.

Newtown Bee

Not Your Average Politician by Sheila Marmion

Sheila highlights Michelle’s public service experience at the Bridgeport nonprofit Food Equity and Economic Development (“FEED”).