It is critical that we focus on increasing our tax base by bringing new people and businesses to Connecticut. The right representative can ensure that Connecticut works to be an affordable and attractive place to live so that generations of families can continue to live in the state they call home.

  • Streamline and centralize permitting and licensing for businesses, with a business navigator, to make it easy to set up shop in Connecticut

  • Ensure Net neutrality for all Connecticut residents

  • Address the need for quality, low-cost childcare

  • Create a Connecticut student loan forgiveness program for graduates who stay and work in Connecticut, through a public-private partnership

  • Increase the minimum wage at a pace that ensures the state and taxpayers are not subsidizing corporate balance sheets, by ensuring a living wage

  • Create a Paid Family and Medical Leave program that small and mid-size businesses can buy into, similar to a healthcare exchange, to lower the costs of providing paid leave

  • Allow an RFP for a casino to be built in Bridgeport

  • Grow the industries of tomorrow, especially companies focused on sustainability. Invest in facilities for industrial hemp