We must protect our core values by prioritizing gun safety, environmental protection, affordable healthcare and social justice.


Gun Safety

  • Demand universal background checks

  • Ban ghost guns

  • Work with 3D printer companies to determine how to effectively control weapon printing

  • Pass safe storage legislation with home insurance and firearm sale incentives to encourage use of locked safes

  • Explore a system to flag individuals that may pose a risk through the cooperation of local police, courts, and civil agencies

Environmental Protection

  • Protect Connecticut’s natural resources

  • Stand up to the federal government to ensure the quality of our air, land and water.

  • Create incentives for individuals and businesses to move toward more sustainable practices

Women, Minority, and LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Protect a women’s right to make her own healthcare decisions: Connecticut must remain a state where women are respected and their autonomy to make choices for themselves is secure

  • Ensure that the LGBTQ+ community is considered a protected class under anti-discrimination laws

  • Spur robust conversations around racial inequality as we struggle to provide equal opportunities in education, employment, food security, and safety to all Connecticut residents

Public Health

  • Mandate the states responsibility to provide affordable, quality healthcare for all Connecticut residents

  • Make over-the-counter birth control available for women

  • Legalize recreational marijuana

    • Assist in reducing the opioid crisis

    • Address synthetic pot

    • Earmark funds for mental health and addiction